Mack History 1970

1970 - New Mack World Headquarters opens in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Mack History 1970Infamous Brisbane floods severy impact the Mack Truck Rocklea factory

1974 - The Cruise-Liner, produced from 1974-1984, served as Macks premium offering in a cabover configuration.


The Infamous Brisbane floods took place this year and impacted the Rocklea factory severely. The factory was almost entirely under water.


1975 - The Macungie Assembly facility begins operation and the Engineering, Development and Test Center was opened in Allentown, Pennsylvania. This 65 acre facility had the capability to take ideas for vehicles or components through all the design, prototyping and testing functions in one location.

Mack History 1970

1977 - The Super-Liner, a boldly-styled conventional design for heavy hauling with the ultimate in driver luxury and convenience, was introduced in 1977. Its 15-year production run ended in 1993.

Mack History 1970

1978 - The MC/MR series, introduced in 1978, are the industry's most advanced low-cab-forward trucks with exceptional maneuverability and visibility for refuse, construction, and urban delivery applications.