Our Responsibility

With over 100 years in the Australian market, Mack Trucks knows what it takes to move Australia forward. As a company with a global presence, we are proud of the trucks we produce that are consistently evolving to implement fuel efficient technology to ensure we are doing the best for our customers and our planet.

Australia has earned the name ‘the lucky country’ for a reason, with our vast natural beauty and resources. Here at Mack, we are committed to executing our long term vision of creating transport solutions that protect our climate, resources and people. We recognise our role in the transport industry and are committed to moving and building a better world through developing the transport solutions of tomorrow.

With extensive local partnerships and global technology, Mack is well positioned to drive change across our operations. We are committed to end-to-end environmental sustainability, with waste reduction initiatives being implemented in our workshops, factory and office to ensure we play our part in a sustainable future.

Significantly, we understand that it is our people who will drive Mack into the future. That is why we are committed to flexible work options, a strong safety culture and diversity and inclusion to ensure we attract the right people to shape the future.