When Managing Director, Darren Stocks and his partners first created the company out of a number of smaller entities, they referred to them as ‘minions’.
The name stuck, and today they transport about 1.6 million tonnes of coal per year, among other resources, and are one of the top dogs in the logistics industry. They have remained a single-make fleet with Mack.
“On the whole, it’s advantageous for us to stick with the one brand as we get the service and backup that we need from the Newcastle dealership,” says Darren.
In single tipper combinations, Minion banks on the Mack Granite model, while using Mack Titans for B-double and float work.
“We’re not the biggest buyer of Mack, but we do buy a lot of them and we don’t buy anything else,” Darren says.
“Running a tipper combination is always about weight, and the Granite is light, yet durable enough for the stockpile work that we do.”
“But it’s not just a workhorse – when we do short haul stockpile to power stations, a truck could be doing up to 30 trips a day, so it’s important for us that the truck is comfortable too and that the ergonomics for the driver are good,” explains Darren.




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