One evening in December last year, Dave Martin was at home with his wife, Anna, winding down after a big day at work when Dave received a phone call that many transport operators dream about. On the phone was Dean Bestwick, Vice President of Mack Trucks Australia, telling Dave he was the lucky winner of the ‘Win a Mack for a year’ competition, and that he’d better start thinking about what Mack he’d like. “I nearly fell off my chair!” said Dave, “I was lost for words. I’ve never won a thing in my life!”

For Dave, whose company D & A Martin Transport hauls bulk stock feed to the dairy and beef farms in Victoria’s Gippsland region, the choice was easy; a 600hp Mack Super-Liner equipped with an mDRIVE AMT (automated manual transmission). Yesterday, at Dave’s local Mack dealer, CMV Dandenong, Dean Bestwick handed over the keys to a shiny white Super-Liner dressed up in D & A Martin Transport livery.

“I’ve been dreaming of this moment ever since getting that call from Dean,” said Dave, who could hardly contain his excitement. “To jump up into the drivers’ seat and fire her up for the first time was absolutely magical. I’ll remember this day for a very long time.”

“Honestly, there couldn’t have been a more deserving winner than Dave,” said Dean Bestwick. “Dave is exactly what Mack is all about. He is your typical salt-of-the-earth transport operator out there having a go. He’s got a great business running a few trucks around here, but this new Super-Liner in his fleet is going to make a huge difference. The MP10 and mDRIVE is a dream combination for his bulk-haul work in the hilly Gippsland region.”

Dave has been a long-time fan of Mack trucks, having previously owned a Super-Liner and Trident. “I’ve been eyeing off the new Super-Liners for a little while now, so when the Mack Heartland Tour rolled into town, Jason from CMV suggested I come down and have a drive,” Dave explains. “That’s when the guys suggested I enter the competition to win one for a year. I wasn’t going to bother because I’m not the luckiest bloke, but I’m bloody glad I did – take a look at this truck!”

Dave’s re-acquaintance with the Mack family started in June with a tour of Mack’s production facility in Wacol with his son, Cameron, where they got to see his Super-Liner being assembled. “I’ve always known the Macks are bloody tough trucks, but I have a whole new level of appreciation for their quality after seeing them being built with my own two eyes,” said Dave. “Last time I saw this truck it was still just chassis rails, engine, a cab – all spread out over the factory. The guys have done a great job with the truck, it looks a million bucks.”

After spending the afternoon with Mack product trainers, Dave is confident his drivers know how to get the most out of the Super-Liner. “The technology is constantly changing, so it’s been great to be taught exactly how to use it properly. Mack Telematics will be really helpful for the contracts that require GPS tracking. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks after-all,” said Dave.

“I can’t thank the guys at Mack enough. This whole experience has been amazing, and I can’t express how grateful I am. The addition of a new Mack Super-Liner to the fleet means really big things for our business.”




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