There’s plenty of building work going on in and around Gladstone, and Greg Grant’s company, Mini Excavations, are a core component of the process. With a fleet of 12 trucks, they can cover every delivery requirement, whether it’s a small load of sand to a suburban home, or a 40-tonne load of aggregate to stockpile at a building site.

A truck for every task

“We aim to cover the whole market,” says Greg Grant, Managing Partner of Mini Excavations, “and our fleet reflects that.”

The seven Macks include five Tridents, a CH and a Quantum. They’re joined by three UD Condors and two Mitsubishis that handle the medium and light-duty jobs.

“The Tridents are all set up to haul 4-axle dogs, with four configured under the Performance Based Standards (PBS) scheme,” says Greg, “five-axle trailers are just too big for the areas we need to get into, but the 4-axles we’ve designed under PBS still manage to carry a 40-tonne payload.”

Dependable and ideal for the job

Most of Greg’s work is within 100 kilometres of Gladstone, but his trucks range as far afield as Melbourne and Mt Isa, and make frequent trips to Brisbane and Maryborough.

“The Macks are dependable trucks, and the latest models with the MP8 SCR engines have been brilliant, no issues at all.”

Greg decided on the Tridents after talking to his Rockhampton dealer.

“They know our business very well,” says Greg, “and when we were looking at the PBS options they convinced me that the Trident was the best truck for the job. We spec’d them up to get the maximum payload, and we’re very happy with the result.”

“All my heavy-duty trucks from now on will have mDRIVE”

Greg also took a step into uncharted territory with his latest purchase: a Trident equipped with mDRIVE and disc brakes.

“I never thought I’d use anything but manuals,” says Greg, “but the mDRIVE saves the driver hundreds of gear changes a day. They’re a lot fresher when they knock off than they are in a manual. I’m exceedingly pleased with it, and all my heavy-duty trucks from now on will have mDRIVE.”

Keeping his drivers happy is important to Greg, and he makes sure each driver gets his own truck.

‘We try to avoid hot-seating,” says Greg, “every driver identifies with his truck, and they’re all more than happy. I’ve never had a complaint from any of them about the Macks.”

“For the payloads we want you won’t find any truck doing better”

Having most of his fleet supplied by one manufacturer is an added bonus.

“We service all of our trucks ourselves,” says Greg, “but whether it’s Mack or UD, our dealer has the parts we need 95% of the time and gets them promptly if they don’t have them on-hand. All we have to do is quote them the truck’s rego number and they know what we need. We can’t fault the dealership or the product.”

Most of all though, it’s matching the truck to the task that Greg appreciates.

“The Trident is exactly matched to what we need. For the payloads we want you won’t find any truck doing better, and I don’t think I’d get that out of any other brand.”




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