The B-Double taut-liner trailer combination was completely transformed into a cross fit gym on wheels, complete with weights, training equipment, sound system, screens, and Nike Master Trainers.

 NikeWomen took the Mack on a road trip throughout New South Wales and Victoria to encourage women to “stop exercising and start training”, a concept designed to give their training a purpose to support them in achieving their goals.

At the wheel was truck driver Jess Edwards, better known as Jillaroo Jess, whose ‘jokingly serious’ truck safety video on Facebook recently went viral.

“I see the NikeWomen Metcon Mack as a fantastic opportunity to show women that trucks can be cool and expose them to the career of a professional truck driver, and who better to showcase this than Jillaroo Jess!” said Dean Bestwick, Vice President of Mack Trucks Australia.

A recent study by Volvo Group Australia highlighted that Australia is facing a professional truck driver shortage, and with the road freight task set to double by 2030, companies are increasingly looking to encourage more women to enter the transport industry.

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