Tomoana Warehousing is a major provider of transport solutions in New Zealand’s North Island. Based in Hawkes Bay, they carry all manner of goods to and from the ports of Napier and Tauranga.

“My father started the business in 1996,” says Managing Director Stewart Taylor, “and we’ve since grown up around the food industry.”

Grown they have. With a fleet of 52 trucks and around 12,000 square meters of warehousing, Tomoana’s manifest covers the entire export sector of Hawkes Bay, including packaging, fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy products and steel.

“Probably two-thirds of our business is from local manufacturers to the port of Napier,” says Stewart, “the rest is between the other ports and all over the island.”

It’s all about tare weight

Tomoana’s fleet is all conventional style trucks chosen for their low tare weight, and it was only with the advent of the Mack Twin-Y suspension that the Granite became a contender to meet Stewart’s requirements.

“That suspension got the tare weight of the Granite down to an acceptable level,” says Stewart, “so we decided to give one a go.”

Fitted with an MP8 500hp engine and mDRIVE automated manual transmission, the 8x4 Granite soon proved its worth hauling a 15.7-metre flat-deck quad-axle full of containers around the hilly region. On occasion it’s also called on to pull a 23-metre ‘trombone’ trailer carrying 28-metre beams.

“The Granite’s our first choice for any over-dimension work and it’s fitted in perfectly between our 12 and 15-litre engine trucks,” says Stewart. “The mDRIVE doesn’t get caught on the gear changes on the hills like some other autos we’ve had. The drivers absolutely love the smoothness of it.”

“The extra torque in the Trident is very welcome on the steep hills”

The remaining Granites do a lot of local metropolitan work, delivering 40-ft, 33-tonne containers directly to customers using their swing side-lifters. Meanwhile, the Trident criss-crosses the North Island in front of a curtain-side refrigerated trailer, carrying dairy products for Fonterra on 50-tonne permit.

“The extra torque in the Trident is very welcome on the steep hills we’ve got around here,” says Stewart.

A typical day will see the trucks start at 4am, maybe heading up to Auckland to deliver a load of steel or a container, then stopping overnight on the way back and collecting a load of dairy from Taranaki in the morning. Come Saturday it’s a wash down and perhaps a trip to the dealer for a service.

“We’ve found the Macks easy to use, and it’s been great to have another dealer to work with,” says Stewart. “Mack handle all our servicing and we’ve had no problems with any of the trucks so far.”

Versatility and durability

With the wide range of haulage tasks facing the Tomoana fleet, the Macks have clearly demonstrated that they’re up to the task.

“The Macks have got an acceptable tare weight, they’re reliable and they’re driver-friendly,” says Stewart, “they fitted into our business really well and Mack will certainly be in the mix in the future for anything we’d put a conventional truck into.”




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