The values that guided our founders, the Mack brothers, continue to guide us in everything that we do today. Values such as – hard work, family, honesty, being reliable, being accountable, being courageous are still as relevant for Mack today as they were in 1900.  It’s also more than just a corporate poster on the wall, it is a way of working - and living - all initiated by Jack Mack and his brothers.

The Mack brothers were also relentless innovators. For example, when they realised that the powertrain components available to them from suppliers weren’t up to the task, what did they do? They built their own. They pioneered powertrain integration, something other OEMs have only just started talking about in the past few years. It’s something we proudly do to this day, designing, engineering and building our own engines, transmissions and axles and in the process, improving the performance, efficiency and profitability of our customers’ operations.

Mack has built an enviable reputation in Australia since the first AC model landed on Australian shores in 1919, making Mack Trucks the longest-serving truck brand in Australia. All trucks are designed and built for local conditions by local people who have great pride in the American heritage, Australian history, and Mack Trucks’ core values and spirit.

A key differentiator for Mack Trucks today is what we are doing to maximize vehicle uptime, keeping our customers’ trucks where they belong – out on the road generating revenue. Wherever Mack trucks are sold and serviced, we’re committed to uptime leadership, as evidenced by the roll out of Mack Ultimate Uptime here in Australia during the Brisbane Truck Show.  

The momentum we’re experiencing today is also reflected in the numbers. We gained nearly a full market share point in the U.S and Canada last year. Here in Australia we are thrilled to see the same trend; Mack Trucks is continuing to grow its market share in a highly competitive conventional market. Additional good news for Mack connected to market share, is the ongoing relative strength in construction, a key market segment for us, both in the U.S. well as here in Australia. 

Throughout our local organisations and dealer networks, the commitment to being the best possible business partner for our customers, and the strong sense of family, continues to be at the heart of our brand. 

 John Walsh, Vice President, Global Marketing and Brand Management, Mack Trucks 

John Walsh, Vice President, Global Marketing and Brand Management, Mack Trucks will visit the Brisbane Truck Show and speak at TRUCK Talks at 3:30pm on Thursday 25th May and 10:30am on Friday 26th May. Stand 72.




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