A former diesel mechanic, Darrell Eades started out with just one truck fifteen years ago. Since then he’s built Eades Transport into a major supplier of refrigerated transport services, with a fleet of trucks servicing Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane from their depot in Adelaide.

Line-haul and local
The Eades fleet covers the whole transport process. The Super-Liner has been running from Adelaide to Perth hauling two refrigerated trailers with a 35-tonne payload mostly of meat, while at the Adelaide end a Mack Granite handles local distribution.

“The Adelaide Perth round trip is about 5,600 kilometres,” says Darrell, “and the Super-Liner does that run in five-and-a-half days. We’re not right up on our weights,” says Darrell,” but those refrigerated trailers really suck the wind.”

Record-beating fuel economy
According to Darrell, the 685hp MP10 engine and mDRIVE automated manual transmission in the Super-Liner really work well as a team.
“It’s a great package, the truck’s a dream to drive, the driver absolutely loves it. The best part is the fuel economy though, at over 300,000 kilometres now and it’s getting 2.2 kilometres per litre.”

With the best fuel consumption from another manufacturer’s trucks in the fleet sitting at 1.6km/litre, the Super-Liner is clearly way out in front.
“The fuel savings on that truck nearly cover its monthly repayments,” says Darrell, “it’s unbelievable.”

First-class service
Another aspect that Darrell has been enjoying is the level of service from the Mack team in Adelaide.
“Some manufacturers put their head in the sand when you come to them with an issue, especially if there’s warranty involved. If you’re two days out of warranty they’ll say ‘Not our problem’.

“Mack aren’t like that. If we’ve got a problem they virtually jump, and they bend over backwards to help. Even if they’re flat out they’ll do whatever they can, because they really understand the importance of getting the truck back on the road. We haven’t had many issues, but when we have they’ve worked with us, looked at the whole picture and shown common sense. That’s worth a lot to me.”

And more Macks in the pipeline
“We got lucky with a few of our early purchases,” says Darrell, “we picked up a couple of Macks that companies had ordered then couldn’t afford to buy, but we’re sold on Macks now. They give us the tare weight, reliability, power and fuel economy we’re looking for, and Mack has a truck to suit everything we need to do.”




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