In 2017, the number of Macks ordered with Mack Road Stability Advantage (RSA) represented a quarter of all trucks built, with this amount set to increase to a third in 2018. This means more trucks on the road are equipped to mitigate jackknifes, slides, skids and rollovers through advanced sensing and automatic application of vehicle brakes.

The uptake of Bendix Wingman Fusion and BlindSpotter, another one of Mack’s available safety features, has also increased, almost doubling in its orders for 2018 since being introduced in 2017. The new Bendix Wingman Fusion system integrates the latest camera, radar, and braking technology to provide one of the most comprehensive and powerful driver assistance systems available on conventional trucks in Australia and New Zealand.

The increased uptake of the safety systems is a welcome shift for Dean Bestwick, Vice President of Mack Trucks in Australia.

“You might be out on the road for the day or even for a few weeks before pulling back into the depot. Whether it’s a short or long time spent in your beloved Mack, the most important element of your journey is that it’s a safe one.”

Dean said the addition of the Bendix system is a turning point for Mack, driving the brand into a market leader position when it comes to safety.

“Adding this state of the art driver safety technology to one’s truck, continues our commitment to engineer the strongest, most reliable and safest bonneted truck in Australia,” said Bestwick.

Safety has been on Mack’s radar for quite some time with Mack trucks inherent sloped hood design already providing unparalleled visibility for safer driving and manoeuvring.

The safety technology now available includes the latest Bendix ABS-8 anti-lock braking system and Mack's Road Stability Advantage (RSA) rollover prevention and electronic stability control.

The Bendix Wingman Fusion safety package adds Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Active Cruise Control with Braking (ACB), Stationary Vehicle Braking (SVB), Collision Mitigation Technology (CMT), Following Distance Alert (FDA) including BlindSpotter.

The Stationary Vehicle Braking (SVB) and enhanced Collision Mitigation Technology (CMT), allows the truck to detect a stopped vehicle, alert the driver and if no action is taken, brake the truck autonomously to a stop.

Bestwick said it goes without saying that the advanced safety systems do not replace an alert or skilled driver. 

“Ideally these systems will never be needed but, when they are, you'll be glad Mack has your back.”

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