Trucks to haul products around Melbourne have never really been at the core of Nathan Monk’s work, but in the fifteen years it’s taken to evolve his soil, rehab and quarry business into what it is today, Nathan has had plenty of disappointments with them.

So when it came to choosing a fleet to deliver his products across Melbourne, he knew exactly what he wanted. An earlier experience with another brand (a blown up motor and steep hire costs for a replacement) had hit his hip pocket dearly. But the Macks he’d encountered around the yard in the early days had a reliability and power about them, so the answer seemed to be staring him in the face.

“I guess Mack was in my blood from the early days.”

The answer? Trident and Granite

In 2016, Monk BHB bought a Trident and a Granite, both fitted with Hercules trailers, to haul product from its wholesale soil site at Dingley and quarry at Langwarrin. Monk also takes on many contracts with large construction companies and government bodies, this needed reliable and late model equipment to ensure time frames are met.

“We liked the Trident because for one, it was a good looking truck, but two the operators just loved the transmission,” says Nathan. “Compared to the old truck, the Trident was just so much simpler to drive, it was also finished off nicer than what we were accustomed to. The visibility of the Mack looking out of the cab was good and the mDRIVE has definitely proven itself. The Mack was also slightly cheaper than other brands which was attractive.”

Ten out of Ten

Monk was so pleased with his purchase—he describes driving it as a ten out of ten experience—that when he came looking for a second truck ten months later, Mack was the brand of choice, but it seemed that a smaller one would suit his needs.

“I didn’t necessarily need the size of the Trident so I went for the Granite. We only tow 3 axle trailers with Mass Management so we opted for the 500 horsepower, when matched with the MDrive it is plenty. We went hard on truck and trailer because some of the material that we were carting around at the time was a lot bigger.”

The company uses the trucks to haul sand, soil, aggregate, and crushed rock around greater Melbourne to garden suppliers, estate developers and other commercial clients. The trucks also provide the flexibility to match the range of services offered by Monk BHB which, as well as soil and quarry supplies, includes site remediation, waste removal and equipment hire.

Power and comfort

What impressed Nathan and his drivers was the power the Mack delivered without sacrificing any comfort in the cab.

“The drivers enjoy the comfort of the truck. They pull out of the quarry beautifully, better than our old trucks ever did, and we have a steep exit out of our site,” he said.

With each truck doing about 100,000km per year—the Trident and Granite typically hauling three to ten loads per day along with the trucks hired in daily to meet demand—the Macks have given Monk a more positive experience of trucks and he plans to add further Macks to his fleet as the business expands.

“I love the auto. I like the fact that Mack engines and transmissions come out of the same factory and that the whole truck is looked after by the one dealer, it reduces the blame game by chance you encounter any problems,” says Monk.

“Obviously, I like the look of them also, so there was a bit of aesthetics in it. Both of our trucks are painted in metallic silver and they look impressive to us which in turn helps with marketing our businesses.”

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