Badgi Contracting

Paul Bertoncini drives his Super-Liner 3,000 kilometres every week from Perth to supply the miners at Mt Tom Price. For him, reliability is everything.

Blinco Transport

When you’re running Brisbane-Darwin on a regular basis, every drop of fuel your Super-Liner saves goes straight to your bottom line.

Cardross Mining

The Cardross Mining fleet mostly carries magnetite from Ravenshoe to Innisfail, but one truck has a very different type of load.

CKC Haulage

Kev Cooper never saw himself buying a Mack, but after some less than brilliant service with other brands he decided to give a Super-Liner a go.

D&S Smith Haulage

D&S Smith Haulage carry a wide range of goods all over the southern half of Australia. After decades using European-style trucks, David Smith tried a Super-Liner.

Garden Grove

Garden Grove are a major supplier of landscape products in South Australia, and haul bulk products all over the south-east. Alicia Delloro explains why they use Macks.

Geoff Richards

Geoff Richards has been hauling refrigerated goods from North Queensland since 1980. His six Mack Super-Liners carry fruit and vegetables from Cairns as far as Melbourne and Adelaide.

GTS Logistics

Giants of food logistics, GTS Freight, recently trialled their first Mack in 15 years.
The new Super-Liner made a great impression.


Hoyhaul reap the benefits of their new Macks on the long haul between Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Menefy Trucking

Bryan Menefy has been operating Macks across New Zealand for 17 years, hauling loads of every kind and dimension. He’s also got six in his shed he’s restoring.

Quinn Transport

In their forty years of operation, Quinn Transport never had a Mack … until they had real trouble with the engines in their other trucks.

S and G

With a fleet of 34 trucks doing line-haul all over the country, S&G’s Glen Rollinson doesn’t have time for breakdowns. That’s why he turned to Mack.

Shaws Livestock

Don Shaw has been transporting cattle in Queensland for fifteen years. Recently he started driving a Mack Super-Liner with mDRIVE and he loves it.

Straw Jones Livestock

Straw Jones Transport haul cattle in road trains and B-doubles from farms all over Queensland. It’s hard work that needs tough trucks, in this case Macks.