“Mack are a one-stop shop, they don’t give us the run-around.”


With a fleet of 38 trucks doing line-haul all over the country, S&G’s Glen Rollinson doesn’t have time for breakdowns. That’s why he turned to Mack.

S&G Transport started out twenty years ago in the Brisbane suburb of Nudgee with just two trucks hauling furniture. These days, they still carry furniture, the company has expanded into refrigerated transport, running interstate linehaul to locations as far away as Perth, Cairns and Melbourne.

Managing Director Glen Rollinson recently came back to Macks after a long break.

“We had some Fleet-Liners in the early days, but we had some issues with a couple of Tridents and decided to give another brand a go,” says Glen, “but now the tables have turned. We’ve had so many issues with those trucks we’ve gone back to Mack and it’s been a great decision.”

Reliability and fuel economy

In long-distance haulage of refrigerated goods, two things are paramount: reliability and fuel economy. A refrigerated trailer full of meat broken down by the side of the road is a sorry sight, and so are fuel consumption figures of 1.3 km/litre.

“That’s what we were experiencing with those other trucks,” says Glen, “so we put our toe in the water about  3 year’s ago and bought a 535hp MP8 Trident.  Since then we’ve bought Six more Tridents and 25 x 685hp Super-Liners and they’ve turned out brilliantly.”

The company now has 32 Macks now, with fuel economy being a major turning point in their purchasing decision’s.

“We’ve been getting 1.9 km/litre on the B-Doubles and 2-2.5km/litre on the singles,” says Glen, “that’s a big improvement, and the trucks haven’t been off the road for any significant time. The drivers love them too, I was concerned that they’d be unhappy about moving to a 36-inch bunk, but I’ve had no complaints, and the mDRIVE is simply awesome.”

S&G Transport - Working with Mack Trucks Australia

Service and more service

Glen recalls asking another manufacturer to service a truck he needed for a specific job.

“We put the truck in on the Monday, they eventually got back to us on Thursday and said it was ready. I said “Don’t worry about it mate, the week’s gone”. We don’t get that sort of thing from Mack, they know our requirements and they jump on our issues and get them sorted out.”

Mack having everything in the one place is an important factor for Glen.

“With other brands we get comments like “That’s not our issue, you’ll have to take the truck to the engine manufacturer”. They warrant the truck, but we’re the ones doing the running around. The Macks are all-Mack so they take responsibility and deal with the issue, whatever it is.”

The future looks Mack

With Mack ticking all the boxes for reliability, fuel economy and aftersales service, S&G see more Macks on their horizon, and soon.

We are totally in the Mack Camp with Super-Liners and Tridents,” says Glen, “I’m very happy dealing with Mack, it’s been a good experience and I hope it continues.”

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