The Bulldog at work in the community

There’s more to Mack than just trucks. We’re always looking for ways to enable others to benefit from what we do.

Nissan Motorsport V8 Supercars
Nissan Motorsport (previously Kelly Racing) relies on its trusty Mack Super-Liner to carry their Nissan Altimas and all their equipment to races all over the country. Supercar racer Rick Kelly drives the truck himself whenever he gets the chance!

Mack the Transporter
One of the most recognisable characters from the Cars and Cars 2 movies is Mack the Transporter.

In Australia, Mack the Transporter is more than just cartoon character though, because here we have the genuine article: a real Mack Super-Liner painted to look exactly like Mack the Transporter, even down to the eyes! Mack travels around the country and contains a complete fold-out, tent-pole event with a huge range of attractions and something for all the family.

Mack tours the country constantly, so keep an eye out for him in your town or check his schedule.

Charity & community work
Mack has a long history of working closely with local community groups and charities. As a company whose customers are considered ‘family’, we understand how valuable a helping hand can be.

We currently support: