In December, Dave Martin received that call from Dean Bestwick, Vice President of Sales for Mack Trucks Australia, informing him that he was the lucky winner of a brand new Super-Liner. Once Dave got over the initial shock the excitement set in, along with the realisation that his new Super-Liner will help his business take the next step with lower operating costs, higher performance and accountability.

A specialist in bulk delivery of stockfeed, Dave’s company has been serving the dairy and beef farms of Victoria’s Gippsland region for over thirty years. He’s had a couple of Macks in the past, and was looking for a replacement for his 2007 Trident when the Heartland Tour came through town.

“Jason Masterson at CMV Dandenong sent me an invitation,” says Dave, “and I went down and had a test drive of the new Super-Liner. I’ve got a B-Double licence, but I thought I’d learn more if I sat in the passenger seat and watched an expert drive it. I was very impressed by the truck and the way the Mack driver-trainer handled it, especially the mDRIVE automated manual transmission.”

Dave went home thinking that the Super-Liner might be a good substitute for his Trident, which he’d just put out to pasture after it covered its millionth kilometre. What he wasn’t expecting was that within a few months he’d get one for a year for free.

“I was sitting out the back with my wife just having a chat,” says Dave, “when the phone rang. It was Dean Bestwick, and my wife could only hear my half of the conversation so she wasn’t sure what was going on. When I got off the phone I said to her ‘You’re not going to believe what I’ve just won’ and she said ‘Backyard Blitz?’. She’s not as into trucks as me so she doesn’t quite share my excitement, but I can tell you I’m pretty excited about it.”

Dave has good reason to be excited. His Mack Super-Liner is currently in the workshop being painted in his company’s colours and having a special blower fitted to it to pump the stock feed from the tanker.




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