Australian Bulk Transport

Australian Bulk Transport has a fleet of five Macks – an impressive achievement for a company that was established in late 2016 and has grown quickly on the commitment that is emblazoned on the side of each of their trucks: ‘Impossible is nothing.’

DJ McMahon

During the work week Danny McMahon is out carting coal in his new Trident truck and dog. In his spare time, he is restoring a 1980 R Model Mack on the back of a promise.

Gambier Earth Movers

In May 2019, Gambier Earthmovers will turn sixty. In any family company with that kind of longevity, it’s inevitable that traditions will grow over time. Traditions like their fierce loyalty to Mack and the dealership in Adelaide, or the company’s first 1962 B-Model Mack, restored and taking pride of place at the family home.


In January, Brad Turner from Rockhaul in Brisbane took delivery of the 10,000th Australian Mack of the new generation model.

Royal Park Salvage

From small beginnings, Royal Park Salvage has grown to be a major player in the growth of the city of Adelaide, and Mack are key part of their success.

Central Machine Hire

Located in the picturesque lake and ski field resort town of Wanaka on New Zealand’s South Island, Central Machine Hire has grown with the hamlet.

Jolly Earthworks

It’s -3 degrees on a cold August Wanaka morning when Craig Jolly climbs into the warm cab of his Mack to talk about the time, thirteen years ago, that “my gut told me I needed to make a change.” 

Clive Taylor

Old and new sit side by side in Clive Taylor’s truck yard. As home base for a thriving business, his yard is also a walk down memory lane for Mack.

De Bruyn Transport

De Bruyn Transport are a family business that keeps Tasmania moving. With their recent purchase of five Mack Granites they had a specific job in mind.

Dibble Transport

Barry Stamp’s fleet of Tridents and Super-Liners keep the concrete works and construction sites of Auckland and the Bay of Plenty well supplied.

Gravel City

Gravel City are a major supplier of construction products in South-East Queensland. Director Peter Turner tells us why 90% of their fleet are Macks.

Hill Log Haulage

Adrian Hill and his family run a fleet of logging trucks in the Taupo region of New Zealand’s North Island. He relies on his Macks to handle some pretty rough conditions.

Keetah Contractors

Simon and Nick Humble’s fleet of 25 Macks are a key component of the local economy in Gladstone. Simon tells us why he uses only Macks to keep his business moving.

McMahon Burnett

Donny Manolini runs McMahon Burnett’s fleet of 20 long-haul trucks supplying the gold and ore mines of Western Australia, so he knows the importance of a reliable truck.

Richers Transport

Richers Transport carry heavy freight such as timber and plasterboard up and down the Australian east coast from Cairns to Melbourne

RL Edwards

Bob Edwards once had a Mack that didn’t pull, so he put a rag around the Bulldog so it wouldn’t see the hills. His new Trident is a different story.

Road Metals

Murray Francis gives his Macks a hard workout shifting aggregate and mobile crushers all over New Zealand’s South Island, and they love every minute of it.

RW&G Johnstons

A well-known transporter in south-east Queensland, RW&G Johnstons have expanded their horizons with the new Mack Trident.

SRH Milk Haulage

SRH Milk Haulage cart 1.5 million litres of milk from farm to factory 365 days of the year. Managing Director Scott Harvey tells us how it’s done.

Tripodi Transport

Tripodi Transport recently gave the comes Trident a go and found that it seriously outstripped the competition, especially when it to fuel consumption.

Western Landscape Supplies

Sometimes you need a particular truck for a particular job. When Scott Wilson wanted to set up a truck & dog with a 39.5 tonne trailer, he came to Mack for the truck.