“This truck is fantastic to drive”

After years of using other pands, Bain Transport finally tried a Mack Titan. Then they ordered another one.

Until 2014, Bain Transport had never placed an order with Mack. Not one. Their fleet of ten trucks was Mack-free and they never knew what they were missing.

Then the owner of the business, Bill Bain, decided it might be worth seeing what the alternatives were to the manufacturers he’d been using and a friend suggested he give Mack a try.

Jeff Evans of Mack put Bill into a new Mack Titan, and he was astonished at the result.

“Bill was looking for a truck without a Cummins engine and he’d heard good things about the MP10,” says Jeff. “He was obviously seriously impressed, because he bought the Titan and placed an order for a second one.”  Bill said “The Titan gives great fuel economy, a fantastic ride and superb performance, good trip times and less driver fatigue. It’s a hit with me and my drivers.”

What about the driver?

David, one of the Bain drivers had this to say about the Titan: “This truck is fantastic to drive, and the ride is second to none as far as comfort. The engine pake is fantastic and once you get out in front nothing legal will catch you on the flat or in the hills.

“I love the m DRIVE transmission, it took a couple of trips to get the hang of but now I love it, why would you change gears all day when you don't have to? The truck has done 70,000kms now and seems to be getting better and better, plus it looks good.”

Welcome to the Mack family

“It’s not every day we get to welcome a whole new business into the Mack family,” said Alistair Roberts, Regional Sales Manager - Mack Trucks Australia, “and it’s particularly gratifying that in this case the customer has gone for the biggest Mack we have, the Titan, and has come back for a second helping almost straight away. You can’t say fairer than that!”