“It’s the people and the service”

BJ Matthews have been in the transport game since 1972, providing a perse range of road transport services for the sea and air freight industries.

Moving into a new era

BJ Matthews have been using mostly second-hand Macks for some time now, and the Granite represents their first foray into the new technology embodied in the latest range of Macks. It’s a step they’ve taken after lengthy discussion with Jeff Evans of VCV Brisbane.

“The new Macks take a bit of getting used to,” says Jeff, “mainly because the new technology in them is so much more sophisticated, it means you can change the way you handle your trucks. This is the first truck BJ Matthews have used with an SCR engine for example.”

The BJ Matthews team have really taken to the new Granite though, with ticks all around from the drivers.

As Tony Matthews put it himself, "We are extremely happy with this truck, it's had minimal down time and for our operation it ticks all the boxes. Handling, performance, fuel, it rides well, it's quiet and it looks good. It has handled every job with ease. We couldn't be happier with it.”

More than just a truck

For Tony though, there’s a lot more to a Mack than just the truck. He’s been around Mack people for a long time and for a good reason.

“We keep coming back to Mack because of the people and the service,” says Tony, “you can’t manufacture the Mack attitude, and that they can offer me having a new truck that has great handling, is comfortable, quiet and doesn’t chew up the fuel, well, that’s what I call good value for money.”

Growing in confidence

“BJ Matthews Transport are now demonstrating their growing confidence in the Mack Trucks product by choosing to buy brand new trucks, says Alistair Roberts, Regional Sales manager Mack Trucks Australia. “I’d also like to recognise the efforts of Jeff Evans, who has been a significant contributor to encouraging their confidence in our brand.

“BJ Matthews have a small but tidy fleet, and the new Granite fits right into it. Once they’ve run the Granite for a while, I’ll be surprised if they don’t come back for another new Mack.”