“The best truck I have ever owned”

Hauling logs out of the forests around Walcha in NSW is a tough job, but the Super-Liner has all the grunt Brian Smith needs.

Brian Smith Timber Transport specialise in the transportation of raw timber products from the forests around Walcha in Northern New South Wales. It's a tough job that requires plenty of grunt and a no-nonsense work ethic.

The power of the personal touch

When looking around for a new truck, Brian received a one-on-one product demonstration from the Mack Trucks Australia Product Support team, highlighting the benefits of the truck for his business.

This was the final push over the line for Brian, as it proved to him that the Super-Liner was the best truck for the job.

Pictured above is their recent acquisition, a Super-Liner MP10 685Hp delivered by John Saint and the team from JT Fossey of Tamworth. With plenty of power and the right spec for the job, this Bulldog is hitting the mark for Brian Smith Timber Transport.

“I particularly like the m DRIVE transmission, this makes it so much easier to drive than any other truck,” said Brian Smith, “combine that with the power and fuel economy of the engine and the quiet and comfortable cabin and it’s quite simply the best truck I’ve ever owned.”

The right truck for the job

Peter Clemson, Regional Sales Manager - Mack Trucks Australia, said "Brian is one of New South Wales biggest logging contractors, and he’s been harvesting and transporting timber in Northern NSW for a long time, using a competitor’s product.

“Receiving his order for a new Mack Super-Liner was a great win for the JT Fossey team. Gary Richards from the Queensland head office took a truck down to Walcha to show Brian its features, and this really helped John Saint convince Brian it was the right truck for the job. That’s a typical example of the lengths Mack people will go to when a customer needs advice.”