“They go all day and they can get in anywhere”

Mark Elliott knows concreting. And one thing he’s certain about is that the Mack Metro-Liner is the best truck for the business.

Direct-Mix have been in the concreting business since 1961, and according to Concrete Manager Mark Elliott, the company started buying Macks around then.

“I’ve been here on and off for twenty-five years,” says Mark, “and we’ve had Macks the whole time.”

With operations in metropolitan Adelaide and in rural locations around the state, Direct-Mix keep a fleet of agitators pretty busy.

A robust truck that’s fit for purpose

“The concreting business is a very rough industry,” says Mark, “when they get loaded our trucks are almost dancing around, and on the construction sites there are lots of tight corners and poor surfaces. Some trucks just can’t handle it.”

Mark’s Metro-Liners carry seven cubic metres of concrete, and unlike some other trucks he’s tried in the past, they take everything in their stride.

“The Metro-Liners haul a good load, they go all day, and they can get into just about anywhere,” says Mark, “and for me and my drivers, those things are important.”

Plenty of space

While the trucks might find themselves in plenty of tight spots, inside the cab the drivers are quite comfortable.

“My drivers won’t touch anything other than an American truck,” says Mark, “they’re the only ones that give you enough space. The Metro-Liner has plenty of room.”

Hard workers

DirectMix typically run their Macks for about ten years before replacing them, and the latest purchase of two new 8x4 Metro-Liners is no exception.

“These new trucks are replacing two of our longest-serving Macks,” says Mark, “one of them I think we bought back in 1998, and it’s still going strong. That’s one tough truck.”

We’ve got your back

Another aspect that Mark enjoys about Mack is the level of support and service he gets.

“Mack’s support is pilliant,” says Mark, “over the years, whenever we’ve had an issue they’ve been onto it straight away. The workshop’s nearby, so we can take the truck down, get it straight onto the computer and identify the problem. When it comes to service they’re twice as good as their nearest competitor.

“We’ve been running Macks since we first got into concrete,” says Mark, “and I don’t see any reason for that to change.”