“These trucks are extremely versatile”

Griggs Haulage have to pull a multitude of trailer combinations, and the Mack Trident can handle them all with ease.

Griggs Haulage Contractors operate a fleet of around 25 trucks out of North Queensland. Their fleet works in tippers, tankers and general freight, with the majority of their trucks in service proudly bearing the Mack bulldog on the bonnet.

Horsepower with economy

When adding to the fleet recently, Damien Griggs was looking for trucks with plenty of horsepower but excellent fuel economy, and a comfortable cab environment for his drivers. The answer was four new MP8 535Hp Tridents, two as prime movers and two in tipper & dog combinations.

Jason Barker and the team at VCV Townsville have maintained a strong and open communication with Damien over the years, in a typical display of the loyalty displayed both ways by Mack and its customers. It was through this relationship that Damien found the trucks he needed.

Ready for anything

Damien said “These trucks are extremely versatile, all the models are road-train rated, even the rigid tippers with a loaded GCM of 90.5 tonne with a tri-axle semi tipper and quad dog combination. The prime movers set up with two tri-axle semi tippers and a quad dog combination can get a payload of 70t, and handle these weights with ease.

“The drivers love the comfort of the cab and the reduced noise compared with other trucks. It’s a pleasure to drive these Tridents.”

A positive long-term relationship

Alistair Roberts, Regional Sales Manager - Mack Trucks Australia, said “Griggs Haulage Contractors are loyal Mack Trucks customers, and the Euro5 Trident has been proving a fantastic step forward for their operations. The trucks are performing well for them and we look forward to an ongoing positive relationship for Griggs and Mack Trucks.”