“The most comfortable truck I’ve ever driven”

After many years of using other manufacturers’ trucks, Shannon’s Bulk Haulage have switched to Mack and couldn’t be happier.

Trident’s such an in-demand truck it’s hard to know where to start, but the experience of Shannon’s Bulk Haulage is just one great example of what makes the Mack Trident so popular.

Shannon Singleton of Shannon's Bulk Haulage has been carting excavation and quarry materials locally and interstate from Southern NSW for seven years now.

Taking the plunge

After working with a competitor’s product for most of this time, in 2013 Shannon took the plunge into Mack, buying his first Trident in a rigid tipper configuration with a super cab. Since then he hasn’t looked back.

“This is a classic example of a perfect fit of product to application,” says Peter Clemson, Regional Sales Manager - Mack Trucks Australia, “Shannon's have been praising the Mack no end, particularly in the areas of power and cost of ownership.”

I feel like I haven’t been driving all day, even though I have

"I’ve owned a number of trucks in the past and I believe the Mack Trident is the most comfortable and the quietest truck I have ever driven. When I get out of the truck I feel like I haven't been in it all day. It's the best business decision I have made and I have no regrets what-so-ever.

“The drivers love the comfort and the quietness of the cab,” says Shannon, “and from my perspective the performance and fuel economy have been superb. I thought the SCR technology and supply of AdBlue might be a problem, but it’s not turned to be an issue at all. What’s more, I just love the look of the truck.”

More than just a comfortable ride

Peter adds, "Shannon had some initial reservations about Mack, but once he fully-appreciated the excellent fuel economy, great service intervals, ride and comfort, he had no hesitation in making the move to give the Trident a good home."