Diamond Brothers Back Efficient Anthem

Adelaide based Diamond Brothers Transport has earned an enviable reputation for tailored transport solutions over nearly 7 decades in business.

With an early history in car carrying the company has evolved to a dedicated interstate general carrier with a keen eye on both customer service and operational efficiencies.

The Diamond Brothers fleet services all east coast capitals as well as Perth Western Australia in predominantly B-double and B-triple applications.

In recent years more Mack Trucks have joined the fleet to satisfy the expectations of not only the company itself but also the drivers as well.

Kym McDermid, CEO Diamond Brothers Transport is a keen supporter of the bulldog brand, “Mack in Australia has an incredible amount of history, I was brought up with massive Macks carrying Buntine road trains all over Australia.”

However, McDermid says it’s the new generation of Mack Trucks that are continuing to impress with their efficiency and performance.

“With over 50 years of Mack being made here in Australia we have the Anthem that is a new generation, not only does it look fantastic it does the job too,” he continues.

“We have a couple of Mack Anthems on linehaul now with a few more on order.” “We have better fuel economy with the Anthem, it’s really been exceptional fuel economy.”

“Fuel efficiency is important for two reasons, one is obviously, the cost of fuel and you want to keep your costs down as much as you can.”

“But it’s also about your carbon footprint as well, the less fuel so that’s been good for us also.”

While the bottom line is important, a driver’s perspective is also just as vital. Long term Diamond Brothers driver, Andy Price, is a self-confessed fan of the Mack Anthem, “I’ve been in the Anthem for over a year now.”

“I find I’m actually less fatigued than I would if I was driving a more conventional truck.”

“With the 8-airbag system on the rear and the parabolic leaf spring suspension up the front, the ride in the Anthem is incredible.”

“A lot of trucks would kick and buck like you were riding a horse but the Anthem is a lot smoother to drive.”

“I’ve noticed it’s a lot friendlier truck, you’ve got the space, you don’t feel like you’re squashed, the Anthem seems to be just more driver friendly.”

“As a linehaul driver I do spend a lot more time on the road than I do in my own bed, the Anthem has got the comfort, it’s got a nice bedroom, nice comfortable seats and it’s got the space, it’s a good truck to be out on the road and away from home in.”

“I think the Anthem is going to be a game changer.”