Volvo Group Australia is delighted to announce the appointment of Tony O’Connell as the new Vice President of Mack Trucks Sales, commencing in October 2024.

Tony joined VGA from our private dealer Truck Centre WA in 2004, in a Mack Aftermarket role based in Darwin. Since then, he has gained over two decades of leadership and strategic expertise at Volvo Group, including senior roles such as Vice President of Aftermarket, then Vice President of Volvo Trucks Sales Australia. Most recently, Tony has served as Managing Director at Volvo Malaysia, leading a successful transformation of the business focused on customer satisfaction.

“I’m looking forward to taking the reins of the Mack Trucks brand here in Australia,” said Tony O’Connell. “For over a century, Mack has forged a well-deserved reputation for reliability, durability, and efficiency and I am excited to join and contribute to that legacy.”

Tony expressed his enthusiasm for the future of Mack Trucks and its customers, highlighting the recent launch of the new lower emission Euro 6 range and the all-new range topping 780hp 17-litre MP11 engine. "I am fortunate to lead the Mack Trucks brand during this exciting time, as we navigate and shape the new era of the transport industry," he added.

Martin Merrick, President and CEO of Volvo Group Australia, commented on Tony’s appointment, "As VP of Mack Trucks Sales, Tony will bring his deep industry knowledge, strategic acumen, and passion for excellence to help drive customer success and take the Mack Trucks brand to the next level.“

“It’s fantastic to welcome Tony back to Australia. I’m convinced the experience he has gained in the wider Volvo Group over the past three and a half years, will add value to VGA.”

“With Tony O’Connell at the helm, Mack is well-positioned to advance our transformation journey here in Australia," Martin added.