How well does your local banker know your business?

At Mack Financial Services we pride ourselves on understanding the drivers behind your business, and finding the finance solution that’s right for you.

We know that a truck is a major investment. It’s not something you can really save up for, so it’s critical that you get the right loan or lease on the right terms. Terms that suit you and suit your business.

We can work it out
At Mack Finance we’ll sit with you and go through all aspects of your operation: revenue projections, cash flow, investments, liabilities, the lot, and make sure that we structure a loan that’s suited to the way you run your business. Everyone’s different, but they all have one thing in common: they want a Mack.
We can help you get it.

Loans customised to your needs

Mack Financial Services can customise loan terms to your business requirements and resources. We offer unique programs, flexible options, competitive rates and outstanding service. And unlike other lenders, we do not charge monthly account keeping fees.

Flexible lease options

Our lease arrangements can offer your business lower monthly payments and great budget flexibility. And at the end of the lease term, you decide whether to return the equipment, work with Mack Financial Services to purchase, or go back to work with new equipment.

Industry expertise

At Mack Financial Services, we have the expertise and lease product flexibility to maximise your company’s cash flow. You can count on us to ask the right questions and find the best solution to keep your business moving forward.

Speak with a professional
Our Mack Financial Services representatives are located right across Australia. Ask your dealer to put you in contact with your closest representative, or contact the team members listed below directly.
Mack Financial Services Contact State Mobile
Jason Neil New South Wales 0416 104 680
Brett McAlister New South Wales 0407 860 701
Rob Munro Western Australia & NT 0416 845 740
Troy Baxter Western Australia 0457 006 279
Wayne Thomason
Victoria 0438 806 304
David Cawsey Victoria 0477 994 141
Charles Heap Victoria 0438 500 267
Bill Smith South Australia 0418 804 557
Craig Bolton Tasmania 0419 339 792
Angie Hopwood Queensland 0417 466 342
Andrew Lambi Queensland 0410 085 465