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Some transport operators who look to cut costs at every turn say “Why bother with genuine parts?”. Why bother? Because chances are it’s that cheap non-genuine part that’ll cause your next peakdown. Our dealerships carry all of the genuine parts and accessories your truck requires to keep it running at optimum performance. Some of these parts include;

The genuine versus non-genuine argument goes back and forth, but the successful truck operators we work with all say the same thing: “I only ever use genuine Mack parts” for three good reasons:

1. The right part for the truck

A genuine Mack part is designed to work perfectly with the rest of your truck. No cheap imitation is ever going to fit seamlessly and work perfectly like a genuine part.

2. If it breaks, it’s our problem

If you fit all-Mack parts and one of them causes you a problem, you know exactly where to take your truck. We believe in the quality of our products and we take full responsibility for them. When you have all-Mack parts, there’s no arguing about “who’s going to fix it?”

3. True economy

Buying imitation parts is false economy, because the pittance you save buying them will be swallowed up by just one breakdown. Is it worth risking your reputation to make a saving on what amounts to only 6% of your operational cost? If you respect your Mack, you’ll show it by using genuine parts.

Available countrywide

We have the biggest support network in the country, so whether you’re in a city or the remote outback, we can service you better than anyone else.

Backed by our warranty

We take pride in our genuine parts and we back them with genuine warranties.

Fitted by experts

There’s more to a genuine part than just the part itself. When you get a part fitted at a Mack dealer it’s fitted by a top-class technical expert who knows your truck inside-out.