Everyone needs a plan

You mean you don’t have a Mack Optimised Service Plan? Why not?  It’s free!

Running a modern transport business requires a lot of forward-thinking. Who wants to discover that one of your trucks needs a service just when you’re depending on it to land a big new customer?

Downtime is poison

It’s simply not possible to run an organised logistics operation if you don’t know when your trucks need to be serviced. If you want your trucks to run 24x7 all year, you have to plan your service intervals to make that happen. We all know that unplanned downtime is a major killer of trucking companies, so how do you avoid it?

The antidote is the Mack Optimised Service Plan

We use sophisticated planning software that knows the specifications and demands of the Mack models you’re operating. We create a service schedule that gives your Macks the service they need exactly when they need it: no more, no less. The result is the minimal amount of downtime you’ll ever experience.


Stay in control

Knowing your service schedule in advance means you can plan around it and avoid disappointing your customers.

Did we say free?

That’s right, if you use Mack Service, we’ll plan your schedule using Mack Optimised Service Plan completely free of charge.

Use your time productively

There’s more to Mack Optimised Service Plan than just knowing when your trucks will be serviced. By servicing them at exactly the right intervals you’ll service them less often.