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“Good enough” isn’t enough.

Out here, standard is just the starting point. We believe in pushing the limits. For 60 years, Mack Trucks have outpowered, outlasted and outperformed to earn their best-in-class reputation. With new upgrades to horsepower, torque, fuel efficiency and driver safety, Mack is setting the standard once again.

Upgrades that up your game.

Power that outperforms everything.

More power means more possibilities. Developed for the most demanding transport assignments, our new MP®11 engine is the most powerful ever fitted in a Mack truck.

- Optimised internal engine components and upgraded m DRIVE™ transmission

- 780HP – The most powerful conventional engine on the market

- Available on Mack Super-Liner and Titan models


The NEW 780HP 17L MP11 engine delivers increased power and better driveability whilst maximising fuel efficiency.

Efficiency that levels up your fleet.

As fuel prices fluctuate, we’re committed to making every drop count. Mack has improved engine efficiencies across the product range with solutions for different applications that can help reduce emissions.

- The Mack MP8 series maximises fuel efficiency

- Mack Anthem® aerodynamic design is the perfect East Coast linehaul spec

- Euro 6 compliant


The MP8HE (High Efficiency) 500HP 13L engine combines the proven performance of our MP8 engine with the high efficiency of Turbo Compound technology to capture lost energy, convert it to torque and reduce fuel consumption for demanding line-haul applications.


Available in 435/500/535HP ratings, the new Mack MP8 eSCR engine minimises internal engine losses and incorporates improved ancillary component efficiency to maximise fuel economy in vocational applications.

Safety that’s above, beyond and behind.

There’s nothing as important as taking care of your biggest asset – your drivers. We’ve upgraded our line-up of vehicles to provide more visibility behind the wheel than ever before.

- New infotainment unit with standard rear-view camera and optional additional cameras provide comprehensive visibility and improved safety on the job

- Next generation Bendix® Wingman collision-avoidance technology

Comfort that lets you live larger than ever.

Whether you’re traveling the dusty desert plains or the urban concrete jungles, our new spacious 70-Inch stand-up sleeper cabs are your home, away from home. Built for total driver comfort and convenience, each cabin is configurable to your specific needs.

- Available on Super-Liner and Titan models

- Single or double-bunk configurations

Drive the new standard.

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