The Mack mDRIVE – One drive will automatically shift your thinking.

Since coming into production in 2013, Mack’s mDRIVE has become so popular it’s standard on lots of the Macks we build today. “Easier to drive than my car” is a typical driver response when asked about Macks fitted with mDRIVE.

Drive with confidence
mDRIVE is a 12-speed automated manual transmission that helps your driver be the best they can be. By taking away all the effort and guesswork about gear changes, mDRIVE enables your drivers to concentrate on the road, confident that their gearbox will choose the right gear at the right time, every time. And if you really want to pick a gear yourself, you can switch mDRIVE off.

No special skills needed
Owners and drivers alike are huge fans because not only does mDRIVE make your Mack easier to drive, it reduces fuel consumption and importantly, doesn’t require specialised training. If your Macks have mDRIVE you don’t need drivers who know how to wrestle an 18-speed road ranger gearbox; you can put a newly-qualified driver into a Mack with mDRIVE and just say “Off you go”.