100 Years Limited Edition Mack Truck

Mack can trace its Australian origins back to 1919, which saw a World War I tested AC Model land on Australian soil.

The reliability of these first Macks came to the attention of many transport operators and were responsible for pioneering Mack’s success in Australia. Since then, Mack has evolved through the ages into a modern and progressive truck supplier that delivers what operators and drivers need today – productivity, reliability, safety, comfort, and the famous Mack durability.

The Limited Edition models pay tribute to 100 years of Mack’s legendary trucks in Australia and combines Mack’s heritage design with contemporary styles and innovation to create unique trucks that are worthy to carry the gold bulldog up front.

Find out more about these trucks below.


A limited number of each model will be built, with each unit carrying two identifying numbers - the number of the limited edition produced and the nomination of a year. Owners can select a number and year of significance between 1 to 100 and 1919 to 2019. This unique identity is distinguished by a commemorative plaque.

What makes these trucks unique?

The unique Super-Liner and Trident models celebrating Mack’s 100 Years in Australia, will take their place in history. The privilege of ownership means possession of a landmark vehicle with distinctive one-off design features, including:

  • A bigger, taller grille, commanding a larger, more imposing bonnet
  • 100 Years identification and model badging
  • Illuminated 100 Years bumper or bullbar logo
  • Luxury interior with illuminated 100 Years logos
  • Ultimate power and drivetrain components, including the most powerful Mack engine ever fitted
  • Custom infotainment unit
  • Mack Heritage cab and chassis paint
  • Owners kit

Bedrock Quarry Mack 100 Year Super-Liner

Betts Mack 100 Year Super-Liner

Freightlinx Mack 100 Year Super-Liner