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Designed and built in Australia, by Australians, for Australians. Whatever you need your Mack to do, we can build it locally to your specifications. You won’t find these models in the USA - we design and build them by hand right here in Australia for local conditions. If we can’t build a truck that meets your requirements, no-one can.

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With quality parts and 24/7 comprehensive service and support, we're committed to keeping our trucks on the road.

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The powertrain and suspension is the heart of every truck. We’ve applied the best technology to these critical components to give you a powerful, durable truck with a comfortable ride.

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Gold dog on hood

Gold Bulldog - Powertrain

A gold bulldog on the bonnet means, you have yourself an Elite pedigree Mack Truck. Equipped with a fully integrated, dedicated powertrain. You're investing in all Mack technology and engineering, components that connect seamlessly, for maximum efficiency and durability.

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