Vintage Parts

At Mack, we’re all about durability. We build our machines to last and believe that if you have an older truck on the road, you shouldn't be held back when it comes to repairs.

Used and Exchange Parts

Since its introduction in 1995, VMR has been servicing the parts requirements for Australia’s vehicle population by offering a quality used parts alternative.


In theory, any mechanic can service a truck, but today’s Macks aren’t just diesels on wheels, they’re sophisticated machines that need expert care.


We advise all Mack owners to use all-Mack genuine parts for a reason: we believe in the quality of our parts, and we back them. We also offer a range of warranties to suit your needs.

Service Planning

Downtime is a killer. You can reduce it by servicing your trucks regularly. We can help you plan your servicing schedule and maximise the time your trucks spend on the road.

Action Service

When trouble arises, it’s critical to get help fast, wherever you are. Our vast support network means you’re never far from help when you need it.

Driver Development

One of the most important aspects of transport is a skilled driver. With honed abilities a capable operator can cut off your fuel bill on every trip and avoid costly and dangerous accidents.