MP8 and MP10 – clean, lean and full of grunt

The Mack MP8 and MP10 bring together all the latest developments in engine technology to produce the lightest and most powerful engines we've ever built.


The MP10 is available from 600 to 685 horsepower and is fitted in our Super-Liner and Titan models.

The MP8 is available from 435 to 535 horsepower and is ideal for the Mack Granite and Trident.

SCR Technology
The MP8 and MP10 use Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to keep emissions well below the levels required in Australia by ADR80-03 and Euro5 regulations. SCR has been tried and tested in Europe since 1957, and it’s globally accepted as the best way to improve fuel efficiency and engine performance while reducing emissions.

Mack Powerleash
The Mack Powerleash engine brake is designed specifically to work with Mack’s MP engines. Powerleash cuts response time by up to half—delivering near-instantaneous braking—yet weighs much less than conventional systems, has fewer moving parts and delivers superior braking power over the entire speed range.

Cool? You bet
The cooling system in the MP8 and MP10 has three features that make a huge contribution to keeping the engine temperature down. First of all, the radiator is massively over-sized for the engine’s cooling requirements, so there’s plenty of temperature ‘headroom’. Second, we‘ve built an optimised fan ring that moves with the engine torque, improving performance. Last but not least, we use radiator recirculation shields to direct air straight through the radiator. These features work together to ensure cooler running, greater reliability and longer engine life.

Easily accessible
Time spent servicing an engine is dead time, which is why we’ve made it as easy as possible to get at the main components of the MP8 and MP10. You can reach all your daily checkpoints from the ground, while translucent coolant and washer reservoirs and air filters are at your fingertips. So it's easy to keep your Mack fed and watered.