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Mack Trucks Frequently Asked Questions

Mack Product Information

1.1 Q: Need a quote on a new truck?

A: Mack Trucks are 100% customisable and proudly Australian Made, designed and engineered for Australia, to suit our customer’s needs. To get a quote for a transport solution that is 100% customised to meet your needs, contact your local dealer.

1.2 Q: Looking for genuine parts?

A: If you’re serious about keeping your Mack on the road, Mack genuine parts are the way to go. Get peace of mind with our 24 months warranty on genuine Mack parts fitted at our workshops.

1.3 Q: I need parts for an older model. Where do I find these parts?

A: At Mack, we’re all about durability. We build our machines to last and believe that if you have an older truck on the road, you shouldn't be held back when it comes to repairs. View our Vintage Parts here.

1.4 Q: Do you require a Standard Rating Letter for your Mack Truck?

A: Submit your request here.

1.5 Q: I would like to find out more about Mack Merchandise?

A: Mack Shop offers official Mack Trucks merchandise and apparel for your entire family to show Mack Trucks pride. Our clothes are built as tough as our trucks. To shop the range, click here.

1.6 Q: I need financing for a Mack Truck or have questions about my current truck loan. Who do I contact?

A: We offer loans, leases and full service leases. Your Mack Financial Services representatives are located right across Australia. Ask your dealer to put you in contact with your closest representative, or contact the team members of the Mack Financial Services here.

1.7 Q: Bookings and enquiries for Mack The Transporter.

A: Mack The Transporter is the trusty, reliable friend of Lightning McQueen in the much-loved Disney ‘Cars’ movies. If you would like to book Mack The Transporter to appear at your event, make an enquiry here.

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